Frequently Asked Questions

How often can we chat with our Coach?

That will depend on which coaching package you purchase. Platinum clients will speak with your coach on video or phone chat 1x per week for up to 30 minutes and also have 24/7 support via email or txt.

Do we have to talk on video chat?

No, we can also talk on the phone. If you are international, apps like What’sApp make it possible to do it free over the web!

Do you offer any discounting?

Absolutely! THF offers a 5% discount for re-signing with your coach. This means each time you re-sign, you will get 5% off! THF also offers a discount for Texas locals who bundle in-person training sessions with online training. Contact us for more details!

How often do I have to workout?

That is completely up to you, and discussed with your coach during the consultation. We will never force you to workout more than needed to reach your goals.

More Questions

Yes! If you happen to get ‘buyers remorse,’ or something comes up in life suddenly financially, we do understand. You can receive a 100% refund as long as you request BEFORE the initial consultation call after making a purchase (24-48 hours after initial purchase). Once the initial consultation call has been placed, your refund will be prorated by month, and is honored for 60 days past initial purchase date. Example; if you sign up for 3 months of Platinum Level Coaching, and 2 weeks into your purchase, something comes up financially, you will receive a refund for the remaining 2 months. 2nd Example; 61 days into a 90 day commitment will not receive a refund. The reason for this is because we are offering a service, and spending time designing your plans and speaking with client individually. This type of service is not able to be redacted.

For in-person training, there are no refunds accepted once you are paid, scheduled and the first session has started; however the sessions do not ever expire. The reason for this is due to the opportunity cost of securing your sessions in the trainers schedule, and us blocking that availability and time for other prospective clients.
No, we do not. The reason for this is because THF’s offers coaching, education and guidance with the intent of a lifestyle change, which can take 90 days to yield noticeable results, depending on the person. It will take some time for your coach to learn and understand your body.
Your coach will be open to any and all suggestions that you are interested in. After consulting with you, your coach will be able to educate on the pros and cons of each method, in order to find a method that suits your body and lifestyle!
Depending on your coaching package, you will set a weekly call time with your coach, that best fits both of your schedules. You also will be required to send in a ‘weekly update e-mail,’ which will contain your progress pictures, current weight and feedback/questions to cover on your call that week. Schedule a call with this link!
Sure! Sounds like the Gold Coaching package may be a good fit for you.
Sure! Sounds like the Gold Coaching package may be a good fit for you.
Video conferencing makes things much more personable, like I’m right there with you. Additionally, it will give me the ability to demonstrate exercises and have you do the same for me. It also allows me to communicate with you and educate you on the evidence based reason behind everything, much more clearly and effectively.
Sure! If you are local to Texas we do offer in-person training package pricing. Or - look into our Travel-and-train package if you really want to get things kick started!
Your coaching package officially starts when you receive your tailored plans and app access.