Dustin Pekar wins his first show ever!

Dustin takes 1st place in the novice AND open classic physique division.

With only 6 weeks to prepare, Dustin came to me and expressed his desire to jump in this show.  After discussing what needed to happen, we went all in for a full but brief 6 week prep.  Dustin's eagerness to learn and perseverance paid off in dividends on show day.  Dustin landed 1st place and the overall title in the novice classic physique class, as well as 1st place in the open classic physique division.  

It's not very common for someone to win 1st place in the open division of any class in their first show, so kudos to Dustin!

Like a lot of other clients, Dustin has caught the competing bug and plans to compete again in 2020!!  Watch out for Dustin on the national level in the next few years as he has the base for a pro-caliber physique!