Local Texan and Client of Jonny's and SixPackAbs loses over 150 pounds in less than 12 months!

Local Texan Steve Slawson was upset with where his physique had ended up. Way overweight and simply unhappy, Steve reached out for some help!

All jokes aside, Stephen just let life get in the way, and ended up at a point where he couldn't deal with it anymore.  

Steve joined up with Jonny and SixPackAbs and joined his jumpstart coaching group.  Steve utilized the direct access to Jonny via the private coaching group in order to tweak and adjust his lifestyle to his liking, and to what yielded results.  Jonny didn't have him do anything special, other than making some adjustments to his lifestyle, nutrition and exercise.

Slowly but surely (in less than 12 months actually) Steve was able to make a DRAMATIC change to his life.  

After he was able to make that improvement, Jonny and SixPackAbs asked him to come visit the HQ and shoot a video!