Bronze Training Plan: 6 Months (Our Most Popular Plan)

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This is the 6 month plan for our Bronze Membership! Shortly after signing up, you will be sent a 6 page digital consult form to dive deep into your nutrition and training background, and goals.

Price: $184/month for 3 months. $1,100 total.

49 reviews for Bronze Training Plan: 6 Months (Our Most Popular Plan)

  1. Amir

    The difference between THF and every other workout plan I’ve tried before, is that THF is actually tailored for me! It feels good to know that Jonny does everything he can to ensure that I see results.

  2. Sandra

    THF with Jonny is a lifesaver. I’m a nurse and work 50-60 hour weeks. Before this, getting a workout in felt so inconvenient, and every trainer I hired just gave me a generic workout routine. Jonny is flexible with my schedule and he customizes every exercise to ensure I’m always making progress.

  3. Vanessa

    THF with Jonny is my happy place! I’m down 24 pounds as of this morning. Honestly, I tried Keto, I tried Intermittent Fasting, and nothing worked. Jonny helped me fit my fav foods into my daily meal plan, which makes staying consistent so much easier.

    Jonny is a big beam of positive energy – he’s always cheering me on! Honestly, without that, I wouldn’t be able to lose the weight. I’ve recommended all of my friends/family to Jonny.

  4. Alyssa

    Being honest, my workouts used to be ‘meh,’ but now I’m obsessed. Jonny’s energy on our check-ins plus the app makes this so much better than working out alone.

  5. Vick

    THF’s the bomb! Jonny is a fitness genius, there’s a reason why the transformations are always on point. Honestly, I’m never going back to ‘fad’ diets or workout plans again.

  6. Bax

    Jonny’s 100% got your back at THF. His accountability game is strong

  7. Ariana

    While being a busy mom, it was hard for me to stick to a meal plan. Jonny made this so much easier. I’m feeling lighter and happier overall.

  8. Fred

    THF with Jonny has taught me that change is possible at any age. It’s never too late to rewrite your story.

  9. Valeria

    Before THF with Jonny, I was stuck in a cycle of excuses. Now, I’m breaking barriers and exceeding my own expectations.

  10. Ben

    THF + Jonny = Fitness goals unlocked!

  11. Sasha

    I used to struggle with self-doubt, but THF with Jonny has made me a believer in myself. It’s a game-changer!

  12. Rachel

    Jonny has been in the fitness industry for 20 + years and it shows. I was hesitant at first, but he knows his stuff. I’m feeling a lot more confident now after losing 16 pounds (and counting!)

  13. Savannah

    Jonny’s guidance at THF has transformed my life, no exaggeration. I’m healthier, happier, and loving every moment.

  14. Noah

    Six months with Jonny and THF have changed my life. I’m healthier, happier, and more confident.

  15. Nick

    Jonny’s diet tips at THF are a game-changer. I’ve learned to enjoy healthy eating.

  16. Kassandra

    Jonny’s workouts are legit fun. I’m actually excited to get moving every day.

  17. Justin

    THF with Jonny is my secret weapon for balancing work and wellness. I’m making it work, one day at a time.

  18. Jamal

    Jonny’s diet advice at THF is a game-changer. I’m eating better and feeling fantastic.

  19. Steve

    Online fitness is a blessing for seniors like me. THF with Jonny keeps me engaged and healthy.

  20. Ryan

    Jonny’s support at THF is like having a virtual workout buddy. It’s the best.

  21. Andrea

    Jonny – you’re awesome. Love our check-ins and I’m getting more toned every single day!

  22. Priscilla

    It’s never too late to start a fitness journey. Jonny’s guidance keeps me active and feeling youthful.

  23. Ben

    Jonny understands the challenges of a middle-aged guy like me. His guidance has helped me shed pounds and regain my confidence. Plus, his diet tips are a game-changer.

  24. Deepika

    Jonny’s THF program is proof that fitness is a global language. We’re all in this together!

  25. Sara

    Let me be real for a sec—THF with Jonny has been my anchor through tough times. It’s given me purpose and a reason to smile.

  26. Caitlyn

    Progress over perfection is key when you’re juggling a demanding job. That’s why I love working with Jonny.

  27. Vincent

    Jonny is the man – love his energy.

  28. Travis

    I was skeptical until THF with Jonny proved me wrong. Results are speaking for themselves!

  29. Camila

    THF with Jonny is my daily motivation fix. I’m loving the progress I’m making.

  30. Karen

    Jonny’s program at THF has brought structure to my life. I’m more organized, and it’s spilling over into all aspects of my day-to-day.

  31. Dave

    Jonny’s program at THF keeps me sane during crazy work weeks. It’s my daily dose of stress relief.

  32. Zayn

    Jonny’s 6-month program at THF is a marathon, not a sprint. The gradual progress is sustainable and so worth it.

  33. Bryce

    Jonny is a beast! It’s awesome to know that an IFBB Pro bodybuilder is giving me tips.

  34. Valerie

    I used to never meal plan, but Jonny’s meal plan is so freaking good! Now I’m 19 pounds down, and honestly don’t even crave cheat days bc I’m learning moderation and how to fuel my body properly 🙂

  35. Tim

    Let’s chat about diet – Jonny’s tips at THF make healthy eating actually enjoyable.

  36. Chris

    Dude, THF with Jonny is legit! It’s like having a fitness guru in your pocket.

  37. Peter

    I was stuck in a rut before THF with Jonny. Now, I’m crushing my goals, and I’ve never felt more alive.

  38. Brianna

    THF with Jonny is legit, y’all! I’m getting in the best shape of my life.

  39. Aaron

    Before working with Jonny, I thought I just wasn’t cut out to be fit. I felt overwhelmed, but Jonny explains everything and makes it easy to understand.

  40. Sean

    THF with Jonny? It’s my daily dose of motivation and good vibes.

  41. Robert

    Online fitness is a game-changer for someone with a packed calendar. THF with Jonny fits my lifestyle perfectly.

  42. Kyle

    Completing the 6-month plan with Jonny at THF is one of my proudest achievements. The journey has been incredible. Honestly pumped to run it back again!

  43. Lillian

    Jonny’s support throughout the 6-month journey at THF is unwavering. I’m so grateful for his expertise and encouragement.

  44. Zeke

    Before THF and Jonny, I was kinda clueless about fitness. Now, I’m on top of my game.

  45. Kim

    Thanks to Jonny, I’m addicted to progress. THF is my daily dose of feel-good vibes.

  46. George

    I’m 34 and didn’t have time to plan my workouts. With Jonny, it’s so easy. I’m glad I signed up

  47. Drake

    THF with Jonny isn’t just about the gym; it’s about becoming the best version of yourself.

  48. Keltie

    I’ll be honest—I didn’t expect much from THF with Jonny at first. But it’s turned out to be the best thing that’s ever happened to my health and happiness.

  49. Wanda

    Let me tell you, THF with Jonny isn’t just about physical fitness; it’s about mental and emotional strength. It’s a life enhancer.

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