Platinum Training Plan: 3 Months

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This the 3 Month training plan for our Platinum Plan! Once you purchase, Jonny will be reaching out to you shortly with next steps to set up a consultation to better understand your goals, so that we can tailor a workout and diet plan most effective for you.


Monthly: $834, Total: $2,500.

12 reviews for Platinum Training Plan: 3 Months

  1. Chris

    Been working out with Jonny for.a few months now, and the results are proof. I feel better everyday I wake up and am slowly starting to become the best version of myself.

  2. Shelly

    Jonny’s guidance at THF has changed my perspective on fitness. It’s not about being perfect; it’s about making progress!!!

  3. Jocelyn

    I’ve tried countless fitness programs before, but THF with Jonny stands head and shoulders above the rest. Jonny’s charisma and knowledge are a winning combination.

    My favorite: His weekly video calls! They aren’t just about discussing workouts; they’re about getting to know you personally and providing the motivation you need to push yourself!!!

  4. Hirio

    Where I’m from, there isn’t a lot of access to fitness trainers or health coaches. The fact that Jonny offers so much advice online is amazing. Plus it’s all personal. Jonny explains everything and why he makes changes to my plan, etc….also I love the app! It’s so convenient.

  5. Holly

    Jonny is so down-to-earth! It honestly makes it easy to connect, and he genuinely cares about your progress. The fact that every plan is customized to your needs is prob my favorite. It’s not about following a cookie-cutter routine; it’s about achieving your specific goals.

  6. Mikey

    THF with Jonny is the real deal. I used to think fitness was only for the super-fit, but Jonny’s program is for everyone. I’m making progress, and it feels amazing.

  7. Salman

    THF with Jonny isn’t just a fitness program; it’s a lifestyle upgrade. His plans are tailored, his energy is inspiring, and his knowledge is impressive.

  8. Kate

    I used to dread the idea of dieting, but THF with Jonny made it surprisingly doable. His nutrition tips are straightforward, and I’ve lost weight without feeling deprived. Jonny’s the real deal.

  9. Ryan

    I had always been skeptical about fitness programs, thinking they were for the super-fit or required complex routines. THF with Jonny proved me wrong. Jonny’s approach is refreshingly straightforward. His tailored workouts and diets are designed for regular folks like me, and that’s what makes it so effective

  10. Liv

    THF with Jonny has been a revelation for me. I used to be someone who associated fitness with complicated workouts and restrictive diets, but Jonny’s approach changed everything. His personalized plans make sense, and they’re tailored to my goals.

  11. Blake

    I’ve tried various fitness programs, but THF with Jonny is the first that truly gets me. It’s not about unrealistic goals; it’s about making steady progress. Jonny’s plans are spot-on, and I’m seeing positive changes every week

  12. Jose

    Practical workouts and nutrition tips are tailored to your needs.

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