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This subscription gives you access to our mobile app, where Jonny will create and deliver a customized workout and nutrition plan tailored for you, your body, and your goals.


After signing up, we will send you your log in information, so that we can start building out your profile, and get you closer to your goals.



Available for iOS and Android devices.

34 reviews for Exclusive App Access

  1. Grace

    Love this app. What sets it apart is Jonny’s personalized touch. His customized workout and meal plans are tailored to my goals,

  2. Kevin

    I can see exactly how much weight I can lift in each workout, which is a motivating way to measure my progress.

  3. Vivianna

    What I love about the THF App’s workouts is how they evolve over time. Jonny doesn’t just give you a one-size-fits-all plan; he adjusts it as you progress. It’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket.

  4. Jackie

    What I love most about the THF App is Jonny’s flexible meal plans. He doesn’t just prescribe a rigid diet; he provides guidelines that allow me to choose the foods I enjoy. I can even eat out occasionally without feeling guilty. It’s a lifestyle approach that keeps me on track without sacrificing enjoyment.

  5. West

    The exercise tutorials in the THF App are incredibly helpful. As a beginner, having clear, detailed instructions for each exercise ensures I’m on the right track.

  6. Khloe

    My fav part about the app is the meal plans! They strike the right balance between health and flavor.

  7. Zack

    It keeps me motivated and excited about my fitness journey.

  8. Ben

    When I first signed up for the app, I was new to fitness, and didn’t know about ‘macros’ or how to effectively weight train. Jonny helped me big time. Now, I’m closer than I’ve ever been to my dream body.

    If you’re looking to get your life together and get in shape, this app is a great start. I am hoping we get more tutorials added soon! However, it’s a solid app.

  9. Cindy

    The ability to monitor intricate details of my fitness journey, like water weight and lean mass, keeps me motivated. Jonny’s customized plans, complete with yummy recipes, have simplified healthy eating.

  10. Nila

    I’ve never been so committed to my fitness journey until I started using the THF App. It’s convenient & keeps me on track!!

  11. Aubrey

    Tracking every aspect of my progress, from body fat to lean mass, has been eye-opening. Jonny’s personalized workout and meal plans are a lifesaver, and the recipes make it all the more enjoyable.

  12. Idris

    The THF App has been a game-changer in my fitness journey. Tracking detailed metrics like body lean mass and body fat has helped me stay on top of my progress. Plus, Jonny’s customized workouts and meal plans, along with the delicious recipes, have made healthy living a breeze.

  13. Chris

    I appreciate the progressive nature of the workout routines

  14. Adriana

    I’m impressed by the exercise tutorials in the THF App. They’re beginner-friendly and ensure I get the most out of every workout. Jonny’s guidance is invaluable

  15. Jason

    Keeps me on track, keeps me entertained, and most importantly, got me great results! For $19, it’s a steal.

  16. Lindsay

    My go-to for fitness because of Jonny’s personalized approach. His tailored workouts and meal plans are incredibly effective, and the recipes are super helpful. The challenges and forum make me feel like part of a fitness family.

  17. Loran

    This app is the ultimate convenience for my fitness journey!!

  18. Mary

    I’m a busy mom of two, and the THF App has been a lifesaver!!

  19. Nolan

    The THF App’s workouts are top-notch. Jonny’s customized routines keep me engaged, challenged, and excited about each session. It’s refreshing to have variety in my fitness journey.

  20. Luisa

    Jonny’s routines are dynamic and effective. I appreciate how he adapts them as I grow stronger, so I NEVER get bored!

  21. Desiree

    Jonny’s exercise tutorials in the THF App are fantastic.

  22. josh

    I can’t rave enough about the THF App. It’s like having Jonny in your pocket.

  23. West

    Jonny’s detailed guidance ensures I’m getting the most out of every workout, which has boosted my confidence and results.

  24. Kyle

    I’m a stay-at-home dad, and the THF App is my fitness partner. Jonny’s workouts are my escape from dad duties, and the meal plans keep me energized for parenting.

  25. Trey

    The workouts in the THF App are fantastic. They’re both fun and effective, and I appreciate the flexibility they offer. It’s the complete package for anyone serious about fitness.

  26. Breanne

    The THF App is my fitness secret weapon. Tracking intricate details like body fat and lean mass keeps me motivated. Jonny’s tailored workout and meal plans, complete with fantastic recipes, have made healthy choices easy.

  27. adam

    The meal plans within the THF App have simplified healthy eating for me. They’re flexible enough to accommodate my preferences, making it easier to stick to my nutrition goals.

  28. Kai

    This app has truly transformed the way I approach fitness.

  29. Kim

    Jonny’s meal plans within the THF App are a godsend. They’ve made healthy eating a breeze for me. I appreciate the flexibility and guidance they provide

  30. Katie

    The challenges and forum for connecting with Jonny and fellow members add an extra layer of motivation. Convenience at its finest!

  31. Niall

    Jonny’s workouts in the THF App are my daily dose of ‘workouttainment.’ They’re like episodes of an action-packed fitness series, keeping me engaged and eager for the next one.

  32. William

    I’ve always been a data-driven fitness enthusiast, and the THF App has taken my journey to a new level.

  33. Barry

    What I love most about the THF App is the workout variety. Jonny doesn’t repeat the same routines endlessly; he keeps it interesting and challenging. It’s the reason I look forward to working out every day.

  34. Gio

    I’m a student with a hectic lifestyle, but the app makes it easy to ensure I’m staying on track with my fitness, which is a big priority for me. Jonny is really cool, and a down-to-earth guy. His years of experience are evident from day 1!!

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